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Golvende Brug nominatie voor WAN Best Bridge Award

Baljon | Nieuws | Golvende Brug nominatie voor WAN Best Bridge Award

In ijzig koud London is de WAN Award naar de brug over de Bosporus gegaan. De elegante Golvende Brug in Hoofddorp bleef in de kou staan.

Maar het jurycommentaar blijft hartverwarmend:

“A pleasantly restrained design combining simple engineering with artistic ambitions of the designers.” Cezary Bednarski

“The side elevation views are very pleasing where the parapet displays maximum transparency and imagery. It is also particularly pleasing when lit at night and mirrored in the water. Deck structure is well and simply detailed.” Richard Hornby

“Structurally simple yet architecturally sophisticated, this unusual solution to a typical urban problem. The design offers visual interest and, by highlighting the ‘ordinary’ setting, makes the sense of place ‘special’. The submission makes clear the rigorous attention to detail, making certain that an interesting idea would be a success when realised.” Martin Knight

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