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I'Park Daegu BL2

South Korea

Baljon | Projecten | I’Park Daegu BL2

In Daegu, the third largest city of South-Korea, three major courtyards are formed by blocks of 25-storeys high buildings. These connected courtyards that form the project site lie in close proximity to the forest, which is brought into the design for its natural rejuvenating and relaxing effects. The landscape design is thus conceived to strike a balanced coexistence of both the designed park with its various social activities and the beauty and atmosphere of the natural forest.

The resulting design picks up the pattern of ‘pleated’ fabric and fashion as an inspiration. This specific textile treatment of folds and fittings has its shapes translated into the landscape and respond directly to the landscape’s ‘momenta’, such as the integrated sunken garden and the playground.

The design picks up the pattern of pleated fabric and fashion as an inspiration, resulting into a connecting coulisse effect.

The residential park area thereby comes to exist out of a ‘pleated’ forest with a coulisse effect, a main spine that promenades throughout the three courtyards as a connector, subtle water streams and special elements. A place for children to explore, for adults to walk and for health enthusiasts to run in the forest and inhale the healthy benefits of its comfortable microclimate. The connecting axis running through the core of BL2 towards the other facilities and the main crossing to BL1 works interestingly with the terrain’s terracing relief that culminates in an amphitheater at the end.

The color scheme of the promenade mirrors that of the facades. Block 2 of the mypark-wolbae project (2100 apartments with various amenities) was awarded the 'Daegu metropolitan city landscape architecture award'.

Site Google Maps
Client Hyundai Development Company
Architect UNStudio
Status Completed
Awarded Daegu Metropolitan City Landscape Architecture Award


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