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I'Park Daegu BL1

South Korea

Baljon | Projecten | I’Park Daegu BL1

In Daegu – South Korea’s third largest city – three large courtyards are formed by 25-storey high building blocks (1300 apartments). A landscaped promenade loops past all the buildings and connects the courtyards. The space in front of the complex and the associated facilities too are designed to be as green and lush as possible.

The zoning of the public space is expressed by distinct types of planting. Directly around the residential buildings, tall bamboos create exciting passages. In the heart of the block, large pine trees create a foresty atmosphere and provide shelter throughout the year. Within are two central open courtyards, with facilities for playing and staying. These two central spaces are connected by a rubber red jogging track that makes a larger circuit through the greenery, inviting (neighboring) residents to a healthy lifestyle.

On the outer side of the complex a series of gardens was made, each with a specific program, such as fitness and play.

The zoning plan is expressed by distinct types of planting - tall bamboos on the edges and large pine trees in the heart.


Site Google Map
Client Hyundai Development Company
Architect UNStudio
Status Completed

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