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I'Park City Suwon

South Korea

Baljon | Projecten | I’Park City Suwon (ROK)

The landscape, in which the city will be expanded by 7000 apartments, is patterned with the mosaic of paddy or rice fields and traversed by two water streams. One is an always running stream; the other floods during the rainy season. Strong green-connections are present.

Analysis of the program has resulted into the clustering of more than a hundred apartment blocks positioned in ‘islands’ of several buildings with an open space in between. The connected open spaces are the binding factor of the plan.

According to the site characteristics, the project area was divided into three different landscape types: stream zone, urban zone and park zone. This zoning plan informs the further design developments and manifests in the choice of paving, plantings and furnishing. The former paddy-fields are taken as a concept throughout the landscape design – its belonging terracing relief used to add a tat of drama.

The plan was developed in collaboration with UNstudio, who also designed the buildings.

The unique site characteristics resulted into the design division of a stream zone, urban zone and park zone.


Locatie Google Maps
Opdrachtgever Hyundai Development Company
Status Uitgevoerd

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